We recently started a new video series focused on Branding!

You may have noticed it in our previous post highlighting our ‘What Not to Wear: Video Edition’.

But in the interest of a comprehensive branding strategy, we wanted to highlight another critical issue from our Branding Series.

Because, here’s the thing:

Branding isn’t just your font styles and color palettes.

Branding isn’t just your logos or backgrounds.

Especially, if you are a service provider, coach, or thought leader, YOU are your brand. 💥💥

Everything from what you’re wearing, to the language you use, to your attitude contributes to your brand identity.

So how can you use this to your advantage?

Pick out a few outfits to wear on camera and stick with them! You want to be instantly recognizable to your followers.

Consider a signature sign-off and/or greeting. Opening and closing your videos with the same words gives a sense of cohesion to your brand.

Decide how you want to show up on camera. Will you showcase your wicked sense of humor? Will you keep your language conversational, or use a lot of technical jargon? Will you use swear words, or keep it clean?

There are so many ways to show up on video and any of them are alright so long as it’s purposeful and consistent.

Check out some more of my thoughts on this issue in the video below:

🧐 Do you have a personal brand? What is it❓

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