Consistent Video Leads to New Clients

Consistent Video Leads to New Clients


Because you KNOW that it translates into leads and sales for your business.

The Problem?

  • Thinking that your video marketing will be successful as long as your videos look cool.
  • People fail because they get hung up on good video PRODUCTION instead of good video STRATEGY.
  • Good video marketing is bigger than just knowing how to make good looking videos. That’s the easy part.
  • 9 times out of 10 a business isn’t attracting new clients with their videos because they’re lacking the foundation of a strong video strategy.

Video does work for attracting the clients you WANT, but your videos have to be specific, targeted, and they need to fit inside a comprehensive marketing plan.

If you want to see a steady stream of new clients from video marketing you need to have two things in place:


A STRATEGY that aligns with your overall marketing so you know how each video you make will be put to work.


A SYSTEM to produce professional, compelling, binge-worthy videos on a regular basis without consuming all your time and breaking the bank.


Nina’s expertise goes beyond the camera. You will learn so much from Nina and enjoy yourself along the way.

She gives of herself very generously. My advice: don’t wait to sign up.

Faith Kinslow

Senior Copywriter, True Identity Branding

Nina’s insights and the supportive environment she created helped me learn the basics about developing my own videos.
The biggest step was getting over the fear of being in front of the camera!

Julie Chan

Founder, Being My Purpose

I didn’t realize how easy making a video can be with guidance and focus on the right things.
I am now able to make decisions about my video needs with confidence and can even produce videos on my own.

Juliana Marulanda

CEO, Scale Time

When I pivoted my company to focus on digital video marketing I’d been a producer and director for 30 years, with my own production company for over 20 years.

Despite the fact that I was an expert in video PRODUCTION, when it came to attracting new clients I was dead in the water for years.

In retrospect, my problem with my own video marketing was an obvious one. I was too focused on the video and not focused nearly enough on the marketing.

Which makes sense. Coming from a traditional video production background, I never marketed myself very much. Back in those days, the referrals came thick and fast. All I needed was to be an expert on how to make high-quality, effective videos.

It took me a long time to figure out how to make my videos work inside a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Once I did it was like turning on a switch. Suddenly, my ideal clients were finding me all over again.

If you’re struggling to make video marketing work for you. I bet you’re struggling with the same problem I was; primarily focusing on making video content, without considering the larger picture.

My goal is to take the lessons I learned, along with my expertise as a video producer and director, and help you skip the years of trial and error (you’re welcome).

If you’re running a successful small business, you don’t have time to figure that all out anyway.

You need a working strategy, and the systems to turn it into a client-generating machine for your business. I can help you with both.

Connect + Convert your ideal clients by becoming a

creative ceo

. . . and stick with it!

Why Video?

Connect & convert with personality

As a service-provider you are the product: You want your prospects to connect and get value before they ever speak to you!

Create your video
creation playbook

The #1 challenge in video marketing is keeping up a sustainable video practice. Learn how to integrate consistent and continuous video content into your business routine

Stand out as a

No better way to establish yourself as the personable expert than with a thoughtful, educational, and timely video series.

There are 2 Ways to Work with me:

The Creative CEO Program:

  • Three-Month Intensive
  • Eight Calls (booked on your schedule)
  • Call-to-Call Assignments
  • Incremental Progress
  • Time to tweak, polish, and hone your final product

This package is for someone interested in seriously investing their time and skill-set into creating consistent, high-quality, video content that connects and converts their ideal clients.

The CEO Intensive:

  • Two Half-Day Sessions (3 Hours Each)
  • Time-Sensitive Homework In-Between
  • We’ll create a playbook that works for you so you can focus on the fun and easy part of creating videos

This package is for the seriously time-strapped CEO who is interested in learning enough to create a super tight video production system that they can lead AND hand off most of the heavy lifting to their team.

Either way You'll Get:

  • A 360-view of how video works inside your overall marketing strategy
  • Guidance and coaching on how to spend the minimum amount of time on video to get the maximum results
  • A personalized, ready-to-implement video strategy for your business
  • An airtight video-production playbook for you and your team
  • A high-quality video series (in line with your marketing plan) ready to deploy
  • All your video editing taken care of by our team
  • Absolutely clear on how to make videos that attract your ideal clients
  • All the tools and tricks necessary to do all of the above consistently without it being a huge time-sink

By the end of our time together you will:

  • Be able to quickly and efficiently create video content
  • Grow your business with clients you want to attract
  • Make an impact with your thought-leadership
  • Have learned how to shoot yourself AND look and sound great in the process
  • Never feel overwhelmed by the video marketing process again
  • Never commit the deadly sins of video marketing again - Curious about what the deadly sins are? Sign up for a call : )
  • ALWAYS have a video marketing champion in your corner for support, questions and feedback




Where are you in your marketing efforts and where do you want to go?


Storytelling (Content Creation)

What is your story and how do you tell it best?



Capture your footage.



Cut all your different assets into a cohesive whole


Hosting and Posting

Publish your videos. Find out what works, what doesn’t. Adjust.

Why clock wise productions and Nina?

  • 30+ years experience as documentary and corporate video producer and director in the film business.
  • 23 years experience as small business owner, with several full service and product pivots along the way, gives me an idea of what you are faced with.
  • Experience establishing herself as a thought-leader in the video marketing field.
  • As a self-taught video marketer, I understand where you’re coming from and most likely have experienced your challenges and frustrations as well.
  • 30+ years experience as commercial producer did not teach me how to shoot & edit myself.

whom is the vlog package for?

  • Owners of a service-based businesses
  • Mission-driven and high-achieving entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs who are open to feedback, want to learn, and are friendly. In short: Are coachable
  • Entrepreneurs that have tried video before and have failed, or are using video and want to kick it up a notch
  • For people who also want to have some fun in the process
  • Entrepreneurs who have reached a maturity of their business that allows them to focus on, and invest time, to create consistent video content

One-on-One CLIENTS


Co-Founder OwnersUp


Realtor | Compass


Owner Anchor Advisors


RootMigration Law

Shirley Madhère MD

Founder Holistic Plastic Surgery

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Continue doing what you have been doing, which has been not as effective as you would like, and keep getting the same results.


Take a bold new action NOW, sign up for a call, make a lasting difference in the effectiveness of your video marketing, and grow your business!

The choice is yours. 


(As always)


Continue doing what you have been doing, which has been not as effective as you would like, and keep getting the same results.


Take a bold new action NOW, sign up for a call, make a lasting difference in the effectiveness of your video marketing, and grow your business!

The choice is yours. 


(As always)