I love being a guest on Podcasts and #VlogCasts: There’s always something new to learn!

Not just from having inspiring conversations with other entrepreneurs, but facing different on-boarding experiences, interview styles, honing the skill to stay on message during the interview, what “nuggets” give maximum value for the listener, etc.

And, it was awesome to be on Hank Hoffmeier’s VlogCast.

“Hank’s Marketing and Business Tips” was a great conversation, AND I loved how smartly he set it up:

✅ We recorded the full episode (YouTube link to the entire VlogCast in the comments).

✅ And THEN he had us record a teaser (see video above) right then and there.

💥 I thought that was so smart to create the micro-content DURING the recording!

There are always many ways to skin the cat 🐈 (sorry cat-lovers), and I love being on all these different podcasts and VlogCast to see what other entrepreneurs do, how they do it and why they do it.

🧐 What are you learning from observing your peers❓

⤵️ Hit the comments below: GO! 💥

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