Video transcript: If you are considering vlogging, which is video recording for a blog, you should read the article below. It talks a bit about where text and video come to play and have better results. Have fun!

Vlogging – which is blogging with video – is rising quickly as the medium of choice for bloggers, especially with all the statistics swirling around on how video keeps your prospects on your website longer and converts them at double the rate of text and still images to customers.And, as you can imagine I’m the first person to endorse that: More Video Needs = Happy Nina.

However, I think investing in video blogging deserves a look at WHOM you are targeting as your core audience. One of the benefits of video content I see mentioned over and over again, is that it allows for faster intake of information and that visitors to sites will click on videos more often than not.

This is not the case for me, and I figured for a while, that I might be an ‘anomaly’, but as it turns out, I’m not.

  • I grew up on reading, and I can read way faster than someone can talk (audibly) in a video
  • I can cross-read, or skim a text quickly for the information I’m looking for
  • I’m often in public when I catch up on my reading, and normally I do NOT done headphones, so video is impractical (not to mention inconsiderate, say: On a crowded subway)
  • I do not have an uncontrollable urge to click on the little arrow in the middle of an image, not even as a video producer and a visual learner

So, I started taking (very unscientific) polls with friends and colleagues and turns out – to no ones surprise: people my age prefer to take in information via text, UNLESS it’s an instructional thing, like a ‘how to fix your fridge’ video, or setting up a new software, etc.

Millennials have an irresistible urge to click “play” on video content, and for Digital Natives (today’s teenagers), well, it’s just in their DNA.

So, if you choose to use video on your blog, or you outright are only Vlogging (i.e have a YouTube channel), make sure you have content that people want to WATCH over READ, that you are targeting the correct audience, and consider mixing and matching video with text and still images.

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