Thanks to the internet pretty much anything has an DIY application. But more often than not, we run out of time, before we get anywhere decent.

This is how it goes for me when I opt for the DIY approach on topics out of my comfort zone:

  • I research, I find a few great resources, verify authenticity, choose one: START
  • A few minutes, hours, or worse, days later I’m deep down the rabbit hole, only to realize that what I really needed was something different. Or, that the free version is not what I need and the paid version is not worth my money
  • So, I go out to educate myself further, sing up for a newsletter or two, ask my social media posse for help, get tons of advice that leads to more questions and even more resources. Soon I drown in newsletters that I can’t remember why I signed up for in the first place
  • Then I contemplate professional help

When I started to search for DIY video marketing resources, I quickly learned – at first with some dread – that all I set out to do was already “all there”. The good news for DIY-ers is: The “all” part, and the good news for me is, the “there” part is all over the place.

I might not be able to solve the challenges I’m currently facing on my own DIY journey, but I very much can solve that challenge for video marketing and production, because that’s the stuff I KNOW.

How about a video marketing and production resource that:

  1. Has a holistic video marketing and production approach, with content that pans the full life-cycle of video marketing from, strategy to concept, from production to distribution, and from hosting to analytics
  2. Curates, organizes, rates and links to existing content
  3. Collaborates with video professionals to compare products, software, platforms, and services
  4. Has a on-line, video sharing community for feedback, discussion and inspiration
  5. Has a library of downloadable check-lists, cheat sheets, marketing, and production resources
  6. Hosts on-line courses and workshops
  7. Hosts local (in-person) video marketing and production workshops
  8. Offers video marketing and production referral service for those who need help beyond DIY

 Now that’s an idea I can get behind. You?

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