A few summers ago I was asked to participate in a summer program for girls from underserved high schools in New York City, called EDSnaps – education snapshots.

It was a pro bono project for which I prepared a short workshop on how to shoot and edit yourself on your smartphone, and I also agreed to shoot short interviews with all the girls in the program. 

I had two 45-minute sessions to get my video marketing workshop across, including a field trip into the high school’s parking lot for some filming. 

I was sure that I didn’t make much of an impact until I saw this video:

The video was put together by the EDSnaps founder’s daughter, Lisanne. She had taken my workshop, hanging out in the back, as she was assisting her mom. She had taken my handouts and read up on the free resources on the website.

I was floored by what a complete video-novice (albeit digital native generation) did with no further guidance.

For details on HOW she did it, here’s a link to a case study I posted after conducting an interview with Lisanne on her experience.

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