How convenient: All you need is “Three Cs”, you get videos that attract, engage, and convert like crazy, you make money, retire, sit at the beach sipping Pina Coladas (and you’ll be bored out of your mind after about a week).

Seriously, for video marketing to work – in my opinion – you need three things:

  • Commitment
  • Consistent Content, and
  • Continuous Content

Hold your thought: I will make a clear distinction between “consistent” and “continuous” content. They are two very different things.

It sounds scary, I know. Commitment is scary, period. And, when you pair continuation with commitment, and consistency it gets REALLY scary. But actually the opposite happens: It gets easier. Let’s have a closer look:To start, I’d like to distinguish between video marketing and digital marketing, and between video marketing and video production.

  • Video production is the act of writing, planning, shooting, editing and uploading your video(s).
  • Marketing (digital or not) is the holistic entire marketing effort you put out for your company. Video marketing, or production might very well be a big or small part of that effort.
  • Video marketing is a continuous and consistent effort to attract, engage, and convert customers with the help of video.

If you’re looking for a video or two on your website to show off what you do, who you are and just go with the whole “video-is-a-must-hype” vibe, that’s perfectly legitimate and a lot of small business owners do that, but that’s not really video marketing in a holistic sense, that’s digital marketing that happens to have the elements of video be part of it.

Video Marketing is an investment – no matter how you dice it. Either your time, or your money, mostly a combination of both.

The holy grail is to find the sweet spot where the amount of time and money that you’re spending is the least painful in getting your video marketing results. Most likely attract, engage, and retain customers.

If you want REAL success with your video marketing, make a commitment to be consistent and publish continuously.

  1. Consistent content will make you part of your prospects or existing clients life – you publish reliably and consistently and they will share your content, recommend you, and when they’re ready to buy, you will be at the top of their minds
  2. Continuous content will give your prospect something to come back to and continuously learn from you. Be that reliable source with great advice, funny anecdotes, or fast tips. Be that expert voice and show them why they would absolutely want to work with you.
  3. Make that Commitment to using your video marketing powers: There is a learning curve to video – make the most of your time and money.

Below an on-topic CURATED LINK PACK:

  1. From determining your current assets to mapping out your yearly initiatives, HubSpot has a great and concise guide to Organizing A Long Term Content Marketing Strategy.
  2. Can event invitations, tutorials, or new products translate into your weekly or monthly video content? Wistia has helpful insights into continuous content creation: How to Add Video into Your Content Strategy
  3. For successful marketing of any kind, brand consistency is key. Once you develop brand guidelines, your business can approach content creation with an intentional and specific brand experience in mind. This ClearVoice blog post, Brand Consistency: Why It’s So Important & How to Achieve It, has great examples of companies with consistent branding.
  4. No matter which channels you are using to host and promote your videos, there are best practices to yield better results. Follow the advice in Video Marketing Checklist: Channels, Tips and Tools to the get the most out of your social media platforms of choice.

We are in BETA with a few different products that allow small business owners to assess their situation, decide how to plan for and execute continuous and consistent video marketing.  We’d love to hear from you what you have tried and what your challenges have been! 


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