After a day at the Tribeca Film Institute’s Interactive Day my brain is buzzing with so many impulses and ideas I don’t know where to start, and that’s before I’ve had a chance to drill deeper.Here a quick impulsive ‘walk away’ or mashup if you will, from a program that was expertly and lovingly put together, by Ingrid Kopp the director of digital initiatives at the Tribeca Film Institute and her team.

Keynote opener spoke on the audience having an audience, and the closing keynote was artist talking about digital dissatisfaction and the limits of technology.

The very energetic Kenyatta Cheese set a perfect stage with his keynote on the audience of the audience and artist Jonathan Harris sent us home with some powerful and grounding thoughts on the limits of technology (all the while demonstrating just how potent and un-limiting his art is).

So, where are we headed after all of this? If I knew – I’d be blogging for MIT Media Lab, or the New York Times; but to me it seems that there is an interesting sweet spot at the convergence of Big Data, niche audiences and interactivness.

Tensions between virtual and the physical works as well virtual and real worlds will need to be further investigated.  For those content creators of us who are not of independent means, the mystery of monetization still remains a big obstacle, or shall we say challenge.

An interesting aspect raised by Jonathan rounds up my mashup of today’s impressions: how to balance technological timeliness vs. timeless technology!

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