Do It Yourself Video Marketing for Bootstrappers


A funny thing happened. I decided I needed video for this blog.  Now, as most of you know I’m a video producer. 25 years of producing the hell out of pretty much anything that moves: TV commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, TV specials, you name it.  

But when I set out to produce video for my own blog on a shoestring budget I had to take a deep breath and basically start from scratch.   It was an amazing journey and I’ve decided to share it with other bloggers and small business owners, who like me have a M&A budget (marketing and advertising) in the neighborhood of zero.

I’m calling it “DIY Video Marketing for Bootstappers“.  

I hope you’ll join me on my journey and learn with and from me. Comments and suggestions are always welcome! And, if you want to join the mailing list for newsletters, tips and hacks, please sign up for our newsletter in the right side bar.   Last night I recorded my first two clips. Only one made ‘the cut’.    

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