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What does 2016 have in store for us?

I love crystal ball questions! They sky, or better even, the universe is the limit.

To look into the future you need to also poke around in the past and discern patterns. Here a few video production and marketing trends, that I have seen develop and have kept an eye on in the four years I have written about the future of tech and how it impacts media in general and audiovisual work in particular.

  • Corporate video clips will become shorter and serialized, as companies embrace social media sites to address their customers (ie: Instagram :60, Vine :6)
  • As video duration shrinks, a video’s shelf-live will become shorter, quality will suffer
  • On the other side of the spectrum video streaming platforms (ie: FB Live, Periscope, etc) will make videos longer, especially for those using video as a learning tool
  • Searching video content will become widely available beyond transcription
  • As more and more video will vie for our attention, video curation will be a ‘job’ that can go beyond search engine algorithms
  • Aerial footage will have a novelty effect as drones become more affordable (and legal)
  • Online, platform based editing software’s will make editing, animation, and motion graphics more accessible and easier to learn
  • Affordable cloud-based storage and editing will facilitate collaboration
  • Video production will split more than already into two camps: DIYers and low-budget independents, versus very high-end (aerial, motion graphics, special effects) productions. This trend will be observable through all stages of video marketing and production, from concept development, to equipment features, and software capabilities, etc

What trends are you observing?

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