Before you start thinking where you shoot, or what you’ll wear, or even if you want to do a slide show with voice-over versus an on-camera appearance you need to figure out who your audience is, what you want to say and where your video lives.

Who your audience is and what your message should be, are intrinsically linked. In the sales process you have five basic stages of customer relationship.

  1. You need to create awareness: your prospects don’t know you exist.
  2. You need to peak interest in your prospect.
  3. You need to activate them to be ready to engage with you.
  4. You need to convert them from prospective to client/customer.
  5. You want to retain them as loyal customer/client.

You can only choose one of these five stages as your message. Anything else bring home lack luster results, if any. Figure out where in the process you are for that specific video message. And you might need several videos to address several of the customer touch points.

How or if your video travels can be a quick decision, but it needs to be made. What is your video’s context? Does it only live on your website? Can it be downloaded and shared and sent anywhere?

If the latter is the case, the video’s content has to give context outside of the website. That sounds easy enough, but if the video starts on your website, where there is plenty of context it’s important to not over communicate. On the flipside it’s important to allow a prospect to watch your video completely out of context and know who you are, what you are offering and where to find you. Some simple slides or lower thirds can take care of that.

So, who is your audience?

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