Do you know that feeling when you HAVE to share a story, when you want to get onto your soap box right away and you’re so excited you don’t know where to start because the story is too good to start at the beginning and have to wait until the end?  And at the same time your so afraid of other people telling the story and getting it wrong and then the punch line is all gone, but the punch line is that the entire story is just one big amazing cool punch line, which is why it’s so cool to begin with. Yes? Then you know how I felt last night.

Because last night, I heard exactly such a story. It was so good that the delivery which was decidedly unexciting and, let’s say bland, didn’t matter that much, because the more I heard of it and the more I realized the magnitude of the perfect package of the story, the more exited I got.  But where there is a void there is opportunity to build and I weren’t me if I wasn’t planning the absolutely perfect trans-media accompaniment right now.

The speaker had it all set up: a phenomenal story, a fantastic product, a buy-in AND exclusivity that made you want to jump onto the bandwagon before it was too late.

Imagine the perfect scenario: a historically deeply rooted brick and mortar business, a virtual and disruptive innovation and an attractive investment opportunity with only an upside.  Add high-precision craftsman’s ship, quality, luxury, understatement and an exclusivity that makes your head spin: how can you not get excited?   Since I’m of Swiss decent you might have guessed by now that I’m either talking about chocolate, cheese or watches.

The story is so fantastic; that I have to go now and think about it a bit more… I have to figure out – before someone else does – how to make a perfect story even more perfect (yes, in Switzerland where we believe in perfection that is possible), by telling it such that it comes alive and excites both in the virtual and physical realm and translates for US audiences, because right now it’s my Swiss brain that’s freakishly excited.

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