Video has vast potential in terms of promoting your brand. No matter if it’s a high-quality style production, or a video produced on a smartphone, the skill lies in telling a great story that captures your audience so they will act on your call to action.Cesar Quintero_Stock_Future_DisruptTech_Blog_small

It can’t hurt to know the statistics and understand a bit of the science that explains the success of video marketing and the resulting conversion numbers. And, knowing a big corporation’s arguments on return on investment (RoI) for video marketing, helps small business owners make their decisions on which of their scarce resources they spend on video marketing.

Video production might not need a huge budget to look great, but the less budget you have the more DIY time you will need to invest, and time is often the biggest challenge for a small business owner. I speak from 20 years of experience.

Remember: You can only get two out of three right: Quality, cost, and time investment. Choose wisely and in keeping with your brand’s image: Do not forsake quality for time and cost savings!

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