Digital Media and Cross-Platform Strategizing


As a storyteller, filmmaker, blogger, cross-culture coach, and small business owner, Clock Wise Productions’ principal Nina Froriep, is interested in all things in the cross-section of storytelling, media dissemination, and emerging business models, with a keen eye on cultural markers:

“We relate and learn through stories and a good story will always be at the root of all human interaction. Technology is the way through which we share and interact with these stories.

An understanding of today’s technology and upcoming trends is essential in creating immersive and interactive stories with maximum impact on audiences. The better we harness technology the better we can concentrate on content and engage more powerfully without getting lost playing with context.

As todays’ storytellers spread their yarn across platforms we automatically spread across cultures. Keeping the target audiences’ cultural backgrounds in focus can make or break the successful arrival of an intended message.”

Nina has been blogging on trends in the media and entertainment business since 2011 and consults with independent filmmakers on their media strategies, as well as with corporate clients on a holistic approach to integrating filmed media into their corporation’s narrative.