Imam Ibrahim Negm

The Islamic Center of Long Island held, as every year for the past seven, an interfaith Iftar during the month of Ramadan.

The house was packed and Isma Chaudhry (one of the mom’s in my film) did an extraordinary job in hosting the evening. Her smarts, wit and kindness kept the evening moving along with many inspiring and lovely moments as local leaders from so many different congregations took to the podium to either talk about their faith or expand on fasting – each from their point of view.

I was fascinated and a bit intimidated as Isma had asked me to say a few words about the film. But it was a wonderful opportunity to have a captive audience that actually cared about the topic of the film – and, inshallah, we are a small step closer to getting this film into all schools in America! Sukran.

MC Isma Chaudhry
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