There are so many mistakes that can go into making corporate videos because there are so many variables in video production – which is also the beauty of the medium.

The most important thing to keep in mind is: keep it simple, especially if you have a small budget. Remember you only get two out of three: fast, cheap and good.The single biggest mistake I’ve seen over and over again with companies of any size, is that they do not spend the upfront time it takes to figure out the overall video marketing concept – and that goes for a series of videos as well as for a one-off. Ask yourself:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What are your objectives with the video?
  3. What do you want the outcome to be?

Equally as important and often not adhered too are the following guide lines:

  1. Do NOT write the script yourself. If you’re spending money anywhere – do it here.
  2. Make sure your video is set up in proper context (does it live on your website only, or is it downloadable?). This has consequences for identifying what the video is about, by whom it was produced and for what purpose.
  3. Keep it simple and to the point – and keep it SHORT.
  4. Pay close attention to audio/sound – if you can’t understand what is being said the most beautiful images are for naught.
  5. No video is better than bad video!

Good luck!



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  1. Nina!  Thank you for this insightful share on this important topic.  As a former Trade Commissioner, I have worked with hundreds of small business owners who operate on shoe string budgets.  All too often, companies waste their money on the most useless expenses and don’t realize the importance of establishing a solid image through marketing and the use of digital and social media. Now, as a small business owner, thank you for helping us become more aware of this important topic and its relevant tools. DIY Nina Style!  Bravo!

  2. Thanks, Nina!!  How important is it to tie a new product or solution into the overall corporate strategy?  Does that need to be addressed in these videos?

  3. Laurie: that all depends on your overall strategy and how you plan to use the video. Video might just be a small part of your overall marketing plan. You can ask the same three marketing questions (audience, strategy and desired outcome) regardless of medium and then see where video fits in.

  4. Ally: thank you for your lovely feedback. Feel free to let me know what topics are of particular interest to you or you think would be of interest to other small business owners in your field of expertise.

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