I like the sentiment of non-kvetching*. Although, we all do it we should all do less of it. I believe we are where we are in live because of the choices we have made, and yes, some bad and some good luck too. We are products of or environment in as much as we let “it” rule us. It’s very strenuous to always do it ‘your way’ and wanting your life to be focused and full filled but darn, is it worth it!

* for non-New Yorkers: kvetching is a Yiddish word that would roughly translate into ‘lamenting’ or ‘complaining’, it has a heavy note to it and I love it because in German you “quetsch” a lemon to extract it’s juice, or someone “quetsch” through at tight spot, or you “quetsch” your car into a tight space; it means to squeeze. I just love the sound of it.

My Point Exactly (pun intended)!
I ordered it.
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