I took my own advice from last week and went shopping for video on YouTube and on some competitor’s websites. Once I was done with my little shopping spree two things where very clear.

  • One: money doesn’t make a good video.
  • Two: there is so much room for better and simpler and SHORTER video.

I think all in all my shopping spree was successful from a DIY video marketing perspective. I also realized that video production companies don’t have video – that is of course they do and plenty of it, but it’s either their work for others or a sizzle reel (mashup of their work). I wonder how they would do, if they had to make a real “here I am, this is what I can do for you” video… food for thought.

Here a link to a curated list of my bounty, which I saved to Dropmark and below three very different videos with some notes. (Dropmark, by the way, is like Pinterest for business in that it has privacy and collaboration settings).

I would LOVE to hear from you what your favorite, or least favorite videos are with a few words as to why?!  Yes?

WeWork an office sharing and start up community: 15 seconds (snackable, sharable on Instagram and Twitter). It introduces the company, implies the concept, shows clients, makes a plug, and was easy and fast to produce (I hope!).

Giaco Whatever is a YouTube DIY-er. He has great videos on anything DIY crafts. His sizzle reel is beautifully shot and I love that the tail with the info where to subscribe – very cool and don’t try it at the office yourself! I also love how he puts the text with the question over footage, we’re immediately in the action. It’s also very well edited. 

David Waelder. I have no clue what this guy does, but If you’re this funny, you get away with anything.  Great story telling covers up all other short comings.  In this case the biggest one: nothing to plug, but I walked way with a big smile.

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