We Do It For You

Done for You:

We script, shoot, edit, and host, so you can focus on sharing your story with the world.

Keeping costs at bay to allow for consistent video content is super important to us. 
We understand that a video marketing has to be consistent and tell a continuous story to be effective.

We are super excited about the "Done for You" products we offer:

  • Instant Video Content - coming soon - On-line interviews that generate instant video content
  • Promo Videos - visit our Promo Video Packages page
  • All-custom Video Production (see below):

We produce high-end branded entertainment for Fortune 500 clients:

We produce simple, elegant and informative videos for small businesses:

And everything in between, like this PSA video with a familiar face:

 Steve Leamer 

 Then General Manager | Williams Gerard Productions 


I love working with Nina! Her personal style and charisma add a spark to the team that is only surpassed by the quality and integrity of her work. She is much more than reliable: she is a true partner in the delivery of a promise we make to our clients to provide the very best results for their investment.

 Debra Kozee 

  President | C&S International Insurance Brokers


Nina is that rare combination of creativity and intelligence with great business sense. If she makes a suggestion to you, it is in your best interests to head her advise. Being Swiss she is also very precise, logical, and has all the facts and figures. Nina is gracious and generous person and a pleasure to work with or for.

 Carlos Vassallo 

 CIO | Planet M 


I have worked with Nina for over ten years and have recommended her to colleagues and partners and always got very positive feedback. [...]  You’d be crazy not to hire Nina and her company if you need a cutting edge video, that is on message, and solidly produced.