Last night I found myself in a room full of Social Studies teachers, Museum educators and assorted other people, all passionate about teaching young people K – 12 about the world around them and preparing them for responsibilities in the real word as engaged, educated and civic minded members of their communities. It was an eye opener for me as I have not gone through the New York (or American for that matter) school and I have no kids.

The ATSS/UFT Center for the Study and Practice of Social Studies is putting together a task force to move the social studies programs across New York into the 21st century, streamlining them and giving weight to issues long neglected. In particular Asian studies.

For those of you, who like me have no clue of the acronyms: ATTS: The Association of Teachers of Social Studies and the UFT is the United Federation of Teachers.

The undertaking to address these major issues is epic and I hope they will succeed – from the energy in the room and the passion from the organizers I have little doubt.

So: if you are a social studies teacher, principal, educator, filmmaker, activist or someone with any kind of fundraising and grant writing experience…. give them a shout! They will need your help.

Rozella Kirchgaessner, president of the ATSS:

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