Innocence IS bliss. But I knew that already, we all do. Starting a business or a family, shooting a film, or getting involved with that community board: the “had I known” realization. But what about the second time around? What do we hope to do better, different, more efficient, or with more compassion? Or is the first time so daunting that we decide: never again.

I remember my dear brilliant friend in Ireland who is also a filmmaker ask me if I was ready to spend the next two years of my life with my (first) documentary and I bravely said ‘yes’. The conversation in my head was a bit different. That was more along the lines of “yes, BUT…. won’t be full time, have clients, won’t take that long, etc.”

HA! Had I known! But now I DO KNOW. What does that mean for the next project? NEXT PROJECT? Are you kidding me? You’re still knee-deep in this one. Yeah, but this is a chance to get it right this time. Set it up differently from the get go, make sure you align yourself even better with people who do what you don’t do well brilliantly, allocate the budget differently and most of all: PATIENCE. Where does that leave the gut feeling and instincts though? To me, those two are paramount.

So here I am, trying to figure out not only a new awesome topic, angle and story, and something to be passionate about, BUT something where I can align myself NOW with the right people, groups, organizations and causes for three years from now when the film is done. Yikes. But you know me, I have some stuff cooking – I’m just afraid to serve it – pardon the metaphor – the ramifications are now clear beyond finishing the film – that was the easy part, remember. I also have to make sure to get the film OUT into the world. Will the second time be easier, or will it be harder? We shall find out.

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