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Coaching vs. Consulting – A Case Study

We’re often just a half-step from doing something right. 

Depending on what you’re doing, talking with a professional can get you to finish that half-step and take a few more.

That kind of guidance can come through coaching or through consulting. The following example illustrates why I choose coaching.

I used to use the terms coaching and consulting interchangeably.

I was neither of them professionally, and I just did what I did and didn’t pay much attention to the details of what it was called. 

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Opening a New World for High School Students in the Bronx [Case Study]

You know that awesome feeling when you teach something and it totally lands? Yeah, like your dog finally sits without getting a treat each time you tell him to, or a swimmer finally puts a stroke together that you’ve been showing her for a while, or a student has that awesome “aha” moment.

That’s how I felt when I watched this video:

I had taught a class at a Bronx high school for an EDsnaps summer program run by Susanne Cappendijk, and her daughter Lisanne, listened to my class and then went off and made this video; from scratch. I love every frame of it. Continue reading