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Keeping an Eye on Innovations That Shape the Future

I always love writing the yearly trend and best practices blog. It has given me permission to dig-in, read, browse, and research many different topics and areas of interest in the tech, equipment, communication, marketing, storytelling, AI, and science.

So, you can imagine my excitement for the November 2019 issue of WIRED Magazine, with the title: Have a Nice Future, Stories of 25 People Racing to Save Us From Ourselves.

I’m still digesting, and that issue has traveled thousands of miles as I’m reading and researching the stories (ok, less dramatic: it traveled to Switzerland and back with me for the holidays).

To my absolute delight: of 25 stories, 11 where about female innovators, with one story (see #3) both genders being represented. This is assuming that the women identify as she/her.

Here my top three favorites from that WIRED issue:

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Video Marketing 2019 – Best Practices for Small Business

In 2019, it’s no longer an option not to have video marketing: But you knew that already, didn’t you?

As I have the past few years, I keep an eye out for all the “trend” blogs and articles in December and early January to then put together my own best practices blog, and yes, some trends that are important to keep an eye on.

This year – more than others – it’s been harder to nail-down stand-out trends for video marketing.

It seems that previous years’ flashiest video marketing trend predictions have been slow to take hold.

For example: AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) are still only emerging, drones are all over the place (at least where they are allowed to fly) but haven’t hit the mainstream.

Thanks to YouTube’s popularity, horizontal video format is still prevalent. That said, square and vertical video formats are slowly taking a stronger foot-hold.

“I find best practices to be actionable and much more sustainable over trends, especially for small businesses that have to plan extra carefully with their limited resources.”

Nina Froriep, loose quote from Why I Stopped Caring About Trend Predictions
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What Gives? Video Marketing in 2018

The advantage to being late to the year-beginning trend-game is, that you get to wear the “hindsight-is-20-20” glasses and hold the “I knew it!” space.

And, since I gave up calling video marketing trends last year in favor of talking about best practices my timing is perfect: Right after everyone else has posted their 2018 trend blog posts. So, what’s dominating trend predictions and what can we call best practices for this year?


So, what does that mean for you?

  • Mobile First means that your content, i.e. your videos will be watched FIRST AND FOREMOST on mobile devices.
  • That means you should be creating video content that will display and play best on mobile devices.
  • With Mobile First, the best practice is to take mobile user and consummation behavior into consideration when creating your videos.
    • 90% of video content is being consumed on mobile devices: If you do produce videos, make sure they look their best on mobile!
    • Almost 50% of internet users are looking for video related to a product or service: If you’re not into video yet, you’re losing out on 50% of potential customers!
    • 75% of all video content watched on mobile is being consumed without sound: Make sure your video is still relevant if watched without sound, OR: give them a reason to turn on the sound!

Of course, there are plenty more trends, some more obvious than others. I put the ones I found to be of interest for Video Marketing into categories for ease of navigation and ‘digestion’:

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What You Need to Know About Social Media Distribution When Planning Your Videos

Video Marketing Life-Cycle

Video marketing strategy really starts with the end of the video marketing cycle: Figuring out where you will distribute your videos. 

If your videos live in Social Media that strategy might change rapidly as social media usage, rules, and are constantly in flux.

To learn about the current top trends and tips, view the video below.

5 Best Video Marketing Practices for 2017

Five video marketing best practices to adhere… can you tell which I keep repeating? (Accidentally by the way, but it’s so important, I don’t mind!).

Watch the video, find out!

Also read my blog post Why I Stopped Caring About Trend Predictions for more information on best practices and check out our Curated Link Pack and Definition Day.


Transcript: Hi, so rather than talking about trends of 2017, as its January I want to continue talking about best practices because I think that just makes much more sense and is more useful. So, here five things that I want you to keep in mind. Number one, keep it short and keep it snackable. Number two, best to schedule continuous and regular content because it’s a much better bang for your buck and return on investment. And on that point: Number three, don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money, get the help where you need it. And number four, make sure that you put captioning into your video and transcription below your video. And number four [should be five] make sure you have access to your analytics and actually use them otherwise the whole exercise is for naught. So, the five things again – Keep it short, keep it snackable. Keep it continuously coming. Don’t waste your time. Use captioning and transcriptions. And number five… Oh, make sure you use your analytics and actually look at them, and learn from them, and use them to schedule your future content. See you in February, bye-bye.

Video Marketing Best Practices for 2017: Curated Link Pack

What are the prevailing video marketing trends for 2017?  Here a few curated picks, not only for video marketing, but for digital and visual marketing in general:

7 Video Marketing Trends for 2017 (and What They Mean for You) the only thing that interested me here was the mention of ‘temporary’ content (i.e. Snapchat). Any content, video included, has a shorter and shorter lifespan which will have budget and quality consequences. Nothing new, but the trend – for now – is solidifying itself with every passing year.

10 Video Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2017: A solid list, with nothing too new, or too exciting. Less a piece on trends than taking stock of the current situation – like the integration of video into emails (amazingly enough that’s still a challenge – although there are some very good workarounds).

PRO TIP: What I do is, I post a thumbnail photo of the video in the email and then link the photo to the video hosted on YouTube (or whichever hosting service I’m using). It’s a few extra steps, but has the advantage of sending viewers to a place where your stats accumulate.

9 New Visual Content Marketing Trends for 2017: Also solid surprising list with a very relevant focus on visual content – be it (stock) photos or video content.

Top 10 Trends That Will Transform Digital Marketing In 2017: Some interesting thoughts. I would latch on to the keywords: Mobile, curated, and Influencer Marketing.

Curious what our best practices are for 2017? Read our blog post Why I stopped Caring About Trend Predictions and watch my vlog post on 5 Best Video Marketing Practices for 2017.

Why I Stopped Caring About Trend Predictions

We all want to make sure that our precious resources are applied and spent in the most efficient way possible, so it’s only natural to want to keep an eye on trends to make sure you’re not missing out, me included.

I’ve written about trends every so often since I started blogging six years ago and – looking back – I have come to the conclusion that they are nothing more than observations of the obvious. Rather than trends I would prefer to talk about best practices.

  • More important than following trends is to figure out what video marketing best practices work for YOU and your customers, clients, and partners.

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The Many Reasons Why Video Marketing Keeps Skyrocketing

We know video marketing is well beyond taking off: It’s in full flight and still ascending.

For a curated collection of the most recent, and what we think are the most pertinent, stats download Nina’s Top Reasons To Invest in Video Marketing:

I’ve always wanted to create my own infographic on video marketing statistics, but find that I want to keep the flexibility of updating them often to keep them as current as possilbe. So, for now, I’m delighted to share infographics I come across during my video marketing research.

We found this infographic on Vidyard  a video marketing platform that hosts and measures video statistics. I consider this a traditional list of reasons why videos are a good investment for those of you who need some convincing (yourself or others).

Here a direct link to their blogpost: 10 Amazing Facts That Will Turn You Into A Video Marketing Advocate.

video-marketing-stats via vidyard



This Wochit infographic talks about the different kinds of video creators they want to attract, but the information in never the less interesting:  Click here for its source.


Any interesting informercials you’d like to share? Contact us:

Video Trends in Social Media

Two trends keep popping up around social marketing and video:

  1. Mobile
  2. Micro Moments

What does that mean for video marketing for small business? You guessed it: Watch the video to find out!

Some Thoughts on Live Video Streaming for Small Business

FB_Live_ImageWhen my friend Larry Velez of Sinu called for advice on how to best shoot a talk-show format video with Facebook Live my ears perked up.

When Larry is interested in something I pay attention: One: He’s a visionary, two: He’s in the tech field, and three: He envisioned and built from scratch a wildly successful IT service company with technology that was in its infancy back then. He understood how to harness it, make it work for small businesses, and scale it. So, when Larry calls, I’m listening. Continue reading