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How to Decide Where to Host Your Videos

First off a confession: the deeper I got into writing this blog post, the more the plot thickened. It felt a bit like a “Whodunnit” along the lines of the podcast “Serial” that I just listened to (Season 1).

The more you know, the more variables get introduced, and the harder the decisions get.

But the silver lining is that for most of us, there are some very clear advantages or disadvantages to one solution or the other.

Before that – for those of you who are a bit fuzzy about what hosting really is and how it’s different from embedding – here is a definition (also to be found, of course, in the Definition Day Resource on this website):

Uploading or Hosting a video means that you will upload videos directly on your site just as you would upload images on your site.

Embedding is a two step process where you upload a video on a third party site like YouTube, and then you copy a small bit of code that they furnish for you, and paste that code into your post or page on your own site. The code is like a link that shows the actual “thing”; the “thing” being a video.

Before I get into too much detail, the one thing I walked away with is to never self-host a video on your site. Use a third party site and embed from there onto your website. The reason being: Hosting platforms, such as YouTube, take your video and automatically adjust (transcode) it to where it’s being played, making the video fully responsive to whatever environment it happens to be in. Continue reading

How Video Plays on Social Media

If you have a brand to promote and target audience to reach, beyond a 15 year old Snapchat user duking it out with his posse, video is still the best tool to get beyond the noise of everything else on social media.

Social Media

A few general pointers to heed:

  1. Make sure your target audience hangs out where you post
  2. Make sure you hit the right tone for both your business and the social media outlet that you’re using
  3. Should you be so lucky and your video gets shared, make sure it has the proper attributes to be tracked back to you and your business
  4. Before you plan your video marketing, make sure you have all the tech specs and facts at hand to make your decisions wisely

Continue reading

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