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Continuous & Consistent Content: Three Companies Who Get it Done!

In continuing with our blog: The Three Must Have “C’s” Without Which no Video Marketing Campaign Will be Successfulwe set out to see who does continuous and consistent video marketing content well.

Herewith our three top choices (and we’d love to hear from you with more examples!):

Combs & Company, Insurance Broker:

Susan Combs, CEO of Combs & Company, has an extensive video library; from CEO interviews, to white board explainers, and meeting coverage.

What’s interesting is, that she has all her video series bulk-produced. This not only saves time and money, it also gives the videos a look-, tone-, and content continuity that speaks to the commitment she has made to being a likable expert in her field.

It’s sets her apart from her competition, opens doors far beyond pulling in additional leads. Have a look at her different video series and you’ll get the picture.

JacksonFuller Real Estate:

Matt Fuller of JacksonFuller Real Estate and his residential real-estate team of five started blogging in 2006 and video was always on their radar but never used consistently until last fall. But then they went all out. Check out their Vimeo channel.

They produce the videos themselves and they quickly found out that “keep it simple” is the key ingredient. I’m amazed they figured out the green screen over editing!

They have a good mix of funny, light, and seriously informative content, and it’s consistent!

Boutique Accounting Services:

Richard Greco, founder and owner of Boutique Accounting Service does a great job with his videos. I love the clean, white background and the simple but elegant graphics. I’m still not a fan of side-angle shooting for a second camera, but it makes it easier to edit content.

I just wish I could a) embed his videos here and b) he had not announced (scroll all the way down on the link given below) all these other videos to come in 2016… It’s 2017, dude. I hope he continues.

Who do YOU KNOW who does video marketing well? We are looking to interview (for a quick 15 minutes) companies that are engaging in video marketing regularly to help us develop and fine-tune our video marketing services for small businesses. Any help is much appreciated.

How Video Plays on Social Media

If you have a brand to promote and target audience to reach, beyond a 15 year old Snapchat user duking it out with his posse, video is still the best tool to get beyond the noise of everything else on social media.

Social Media

A few general pointers to heed:

  1. Make sure your target audience hangs out where you post
  2. Make sure you hit the right tone for both your business and the social media outlet that you’re using
  3. Should you be so lucky and your video gets shared, make sure it has the proper attributes to be tracked back to you and your business
  4. Before you plan your video marketing, make sure you have all the tech specs and facts at hand to make your decisions wisely

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Tribeca Film Institute: Interactive Day Mashup

After a day at the Tribeca Film Institute’s Interactive Day my brain is buzzing with so many impulses and ideas I don’t know where to start, and that’s before I’ve had a chance to drill deeper.Here a quick impulsive ‘walk away’ or mashup if you will, from a program that was expertly and lovingly put together, by Ingrid Kopp the director of digital initiatives at the Tribeca Film Institute and her team.

Keynote opener spoke on the audience having an audience, and the closing keynote was artist talking about digital dissatisfaction and the limits of technology.

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Immersive Storytelling, Transmedia Experiences and Storyscapes

The past week I have had chance to experience a few transmedia experiences.  What they are called or billed as is as fluid as their content, use of technology and, alas, quality of all of the above.The Lincoln Film Society has a program called, Convergence: Immersive Media  at Lincoln Center.  Currently the program features Futuremate a hybrid live performance, film and interactive game experience.

Billed as a wickedly funny satire about life, love and the modern surveillance state, I had a hard time immersing myself.  Partially to blame for that was of course the fact that any “mating” game in NYC will have to deal with the skewed 2:1 female male ratio. Parts of the experience felt forced, video elements where poorly produced and although the script had its moments it was all a bit too over the top for my taste. I felt like an outsider watching with (more or less) interest a not so great theatrical performance with many gimmicks and I was certainly not immersed.   I think a much better experience could have been had with better actors and certainly a better balanced audience.   It’s the age old issue, and I’ve been there myself, where people with great ideas and a great script are not necessarily great directors or actors.  This just a hunch…

The Tribeca Film Festival had two floors of Storyscapes as part of their Innovation Week. The projects in Storyscapes incorporated virtual reality, live performance, 3D graphics, music and gesture-based gaming and they were all participatory.  In addition to the five finalist featured there were quite a few other immersive or transmedia experiences. All of this, by the way, fueled by massive amounts of Sapphire Bombay Gin to which I fell prey the first visit and no popcorn in the world could keep up with the gin.

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BLOG_Transmedia-faveFor the past year and a half, I’ve been strongly advocating for what I have been calling cross-platform outreach for documentaries: a way to disseminate the information that filmmakers do not or cannot incorporate into a documentary film; to encourage a grass roots movement of participation and conversation; to explore the often fine line between subject matter and audience; to crowd source stories and footage as a means to expanding the conversation or to cast your film; or to simply let loose some cool ideas that do not fit into a linear narrative.It’s not that I haven’t come across the term transmedia before today, but I never actually stopped to do some digging into the matter and until now I’ve used the term cross-platform and transmedia interchangeably. When I saw that DCTV offered a workshop with the title “Transmedia: cross-platform storytelling” I jumped. Perfect!

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