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Video Trends in Social Media

Two trends keep popping up around social marketing and video:

  1. Mobile
  2. Micro Moments

What does that mean for video marketing for small business? You guessed it: Watch the video to find out!

How Video Plays on Social Media

If you have a brand to promote and target audience to reach, beyond a 15 year old Snapchat user duking it out with his posse, video is still the best tool to get beyond the noise of everything else on social media.

Social Media

A few general pointers to heed:

  1. Make sure your target audience hangs out where you post
  2. Make sure you hit the right tone for both your business and the social media outlet that you’re using
  3. Should you be so lucky and your video gets shared, make sure it has the proper attributes to be tracked back to you and your business
  4. Before you plan your video marketing, make sure you have all the tech specs and facts at hand to make your decisions wisely

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Video on Social Media: Curated Link Picks (updated)

Video marketing is constantly evolving and it’s important to stay in tune on new ways to use the video content you are already creating for your social media feeds.

Check out the links below for how video content is becoming ever more important to a variety of social media platforms.

InterestedCurated Links in which social media platforms might be best for your business’ video content? Contact us at 212-343-3099 or, so we can see how we can guide you to video marketing success for your business.

Content Ideas & Social Media Distribution: Curated Link Picks

Check out these latest links for inspiration & tools to keep your video marketing knowledge growing.

Convinced that video marketing would help your business but not sure where to start? Contact us at 212-343-3099 and, to talk about how we can get you started fast and easy to video marketing success

Some Thoughts on Live Video Streaming for Small Business

FB_Live_ImageWhen my friend Larry Velez of Sinu called for advice on how to best shoot a talk-show format video with Facebook Live my ears perked up.

When Larry is interested in something I pay attention: One: He’s a visionary, two: He’s in the tech field, and three: He envisioned and built from scratch a wildly successful IT service company with technology that was in its infancy back then. He understood how to harness it, make it work for small businesses, and scale it. So, when Larry calls, I’m listening. Continue reading

Future Disruptive Tech 2015 and 2016

Cesar Quintero_Stock_Future_DisruptTech_BlogBrian Solis, always a great resource for this blog, put together a list early 2015 looking at tech trends and disruptive trends for 2015 and 2016. As we are close to half-way through, I thought I’d go through the list again and pull out what was of interest today and for this blog. Below a curated list of 12 of the 25 original points. For the full list click here. Continue reading

Video for Non-Profits: a Start

I’ve been doing a fair amount of research on how to harness today’s tools and create video content for small businesses and non-profits. I came across a tutorial on YouTube that was quite nicely done, if in my eyes not quite complete and, as it was done in 2010 with older – if brilliant – technology.flip.diagram.white

The Flip camera was a genius idea and the first in it’s class, and into that class I would put today’s iPhones. I had every model of it and loved it for its simplicity and quality – the last model shot in high definition. You aimed, shot, and then edited your footage on your computer, but with software that was embedded on the camera. It was so simple and easy, that “even a caveman could do it” (thanks Geico).   Continue reading

Video Sharing

Nina70ies-BrownoutiftGrowing up we played a game called „as of now”. The premise was that we were on a show and people were watching our every move and we had to fulfill a mundane task, like doing homework, or helping with household chores, or playing doctor, as gracefully (or cool) as possible and keep a running commentary, which had to be as smart-ass funny as we could come up with.  We controlled who the audience was. Mostly our classmates, a boy we liked or a very cool grown up – definitely NOT our parents.

This was in the late 70ies and we where budding teens. Not a reality show in sight, no judging and certainly no million dollar prize to fight for. Also no cell phone to record our theatrics, no apps to share what we taped and no internet to connect us to our friends. Continue reading

New Business Model

If you live in New York you might have noticed an increasing number of dancing Salvation Army kettle bell-ringers (not sure that’s their official business title).  Gone are they days of drab and incredibly annoying bell ringing by sour looking kettle bell ringers who look frozen to a pulp.

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Survival around Digital Natives: One [Buzz] Word at a Time

Last spring, after a few weeks of immersing myself into the throws of transmedia experiences, at the Tribeca Film Festival’s  “Future of” series and the Tribeca Film Institute’s Innovation week I had a whole host of buzzwords swirling around my head (with lots of other stuff of no less significance but no relevance here)…   for a visual clue think of word clouds from blog tags that have found their way into a 3D setting and are floating around (which in effect is how the documentary Clouds looked through the vision googles at Tribeca’s Storyscapes – very cool stuff.)  So, I figured I’d start a (random) list of buzzwords of all things internet, social media, trans media, and etc.

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